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Graft vs. Host Disease in Lathrup Village, MI

Graft vs. Host Disease is an autoimmune disorder in stem cell transplant patients. The transplanted stem cell attacks the body (host). Tear producing glands such as the lacrimal gland and Meibomian gland are affected, causing an extremely dry eye. Patients might experience blurred vision, burning sensation, eye pain, and sensitivity to light.

Unfortunately, typical medicine and treatment strategies used for dry eye patients does not help this condition. However, in some cases, dry eye lubricants are sufficient. The most effective treatment is wearing a scleral lens. The scleral lens has a reservoir of fluid that the eye baths in all day, maintaining the eye so that it feels moist and comfortable. Patients have found that the scleral lens is able to bring them to a normally moistened eye once again as well as take care of the pain, blurred vision, and sensitivity to light.

In addition, scleral lenses give very sharp vision and even correct for astigmatism.

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