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The Progressive Lenses Specialist in Lathrup Village

At Sobel Eyecare, we think of ourselves as progressive lens specialists. We carry specialty progressives that are designed for special use, such as cell phones, golf, and wrap sunglasses. We only use brand name manufacturers, known for their technology and quality. We carry Essilor products, such as Varilux and Kodak lenses, famed for their performance! Those looking for helpful tips on buying progressive lenses can use our “buying guide” giving you 5 tips you should know before buying progressive lenses. Read below…

The 5 Things You Should Know Before Buying Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses vary greatly in their quality

1. There is a wide range in the quality of progressive lenses (no line bifocals) from older outdated technology to cutting edge digital technology, known as High Definition, (HD) lenses.

Digital lenses improve your side vision

2. The older technology progressive lenses have significant distortion on the sides of the lens which results in a blurred peripheral view. A digitally made progressive lens has less blur on the sides.

Not all digital lenses are created equal

3. There are different quality digital lenses. Lower grade digital lenses widen the reading area only. Top grade digitals expand the periphery in all areas – reading, computer and far distance. Higher quality digital lenses also provide an easier transition into the computer and reading areas, allowing for the clearest vision and eye comfort.

Accurate measurements are crucial

4. Inaccurate measurements can cause blurry vision, headaches, and eyestrain.

Not all frames work well for progressives

5. The frame size has to be large enough and the frame needs to rest on your face appropriately for the eyes to utilize the prescription strength properly for computer viewing and reading.

At Sobel Eyecare we provide you with the latest in digital (HD) progressive lens technology. Our staff is highly trained to take proper measurements and to help you find the right frame and lens combination, allowing you to see with the most clarity and comfort possible.

Call Sobel Eyecare at 248-864-8523 to schedule your eye exam today.

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