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I always went to eye doctors in the past that have over billed me for my office visit copay and changed my prescriptions every year that only made my eyes worse. So, I felt enough was enough and went to my insurance company website and found Dr. Sobel, the location was close to my residence, the staff was very helpful and friendly, and the fact that they are open on Sundays for appointments is such a convenience. Dr. Sobel not only was thorough with his exam but after explaining to him my experiences with the other doctors, he explained to me what was the condition of my eyes and what I am experiencing and what he can do to rectify the situation. It is because of him I can look at the computer without getting a headache and can read without skipping lines. I also can drive at night. I wear them everyday and am so grateful to him and his staff that I can see.

- Ebonie L.

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