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Our Lathrup Village Eye Doctor

Dedicated Eye Care by Our Expert Eye Doctor

"Your eyesight is precious, and I understand that you can be concerned about how your eyes are aging and whether there are any permanent changes to your vision. As your eye doctor at Sobel Eye Care, I will address your concerns and discuss them with you."

"I also recommend that children have their first eye exam by at least age 5 because the nerve growth in the brain for visual development occurs the most from birth to age 8 and almost stops at age 11. These are the critical ages when eye doctors can ensure proper visual development. I will discuss with you your child's visual development and the need for eyeglasses or any other treatment."

"Unfortunately, many people have stopped wearing their contact lenses due to dry eye or other irritation. After treating their dry eyes, my patients have been thrilled to return to their contact lenses and wear them comfortably."

Sincerely, Dr. Robert Sobel

Meet our Lathrup Village Eye Doctor:

Dr. Robert Sobel

Dr. Sobel with ShowcaseDr. Sobel graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Michigan in 1985 and achieved his Doctor of Optometry from Indiana University School of Optometry in 1989.

In his practice, Dr. Sobel specializes in fitting bifocal contact lenses and specialty contact lenses for Keratoconus and irregularly shaped eyes. He has extensive experience in children’s vision care, treating dry eye, and using vision exercises to treat focusing problems.

Robert Sobel, O.D. has undergone special training to fit the revolutionary Scleral Lens for keratoconus (irregularly shaped corneas) and is a certified fitter for the Kerasoft IC soft lens for keratoconus.

Born and raised in the Detroit area, Dr. Sobel enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with his family.

Over 250 reviews on ZocDoc 4.94 rating!

It was the second time I visited him and I’m super glad that i found him. I’m wearing glasses/ contacts since my childhood and he is the best doctor I ever had. He is really taking care on every single patient and makes sure everybody gets perfect glasses.
Andreas B. Verified patient ZocDoc

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