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Dry Eye Treatment

Many people suffer from dry eye. Common symptoms are dry, scratchy, irritated eyes. Sometimes the eyes can be watery due to the body sensing a lack of tears and in order to protect the eye, reflex tears are created to maintain enough moisture to the eyes. The reflex tears often come out abundantly as if a person is crying.

Sometimes people can have eye irritation and watery eyes and it could be a serious problem which could lead to irreversible vision loss, so any abnormal symptoms of irritation or watery eyes should be evaluated.

There are many possible causes for dry eye and this requires a more in-depth eye evaluation. Usually, a dye is placed in the eye to evaluate the tears.

Often, patients feel that their contact lenses dry out too quickly making the lenses uncomfortable. Often times it is because the eyes are too dry. Sometimes a new lens material will help and other times the dry eye needs to be treated.

If you have difficulties wearing your contact lenses or your length of wearing time has gone down, consider having a dry eye evaluation at our office…it could be a life changer.

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