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We’re dedicated to providing our patients with a full range of family eye care, unmatched service and personalized care.

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Dedicated to Helping People See Their Best And Look Their Best

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Focus on Eye Care

At Sobel Eyecare, our state of the art eye doctor’s office in Lathrup Village, MI provides a unique array of services. We offer comprehensive eye exams, medical eye exam, treatment for medical eye conditions, children’s vision care, eye disease treatment, bifocal contact lens fitting, and specialty contact lens fitting. Dr. Sobel brings years of experience and knowledge in diagnosing and treating both vision and medical eye disorders.

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Focus on Eyewear

Sobel Eyecare is built on fashion. We have an extensive selection of designer frame collections, plus designer eyeglasses for kids, such as Ray Ban, Juicy Couture, Sketchers, Guess, Timberland, and Nickelodeon! Our optical also carries an assortment of digital HD lenses. HD (high definition) lenses give less distortion in the periphery and are the cutting edge of eyewear lens technology.

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Focus on Eye Comfort

People commonly experience eye discomfort with symptoms such as red, irritated, burning, gritty, itching, watery eyes, or dry eyes. There can be many different causes for these sensations. A thorough medical eye exam can pinpoint the cause and as a result effectively treat the eye to relieve the symptoms. We have treated dry eye patients and watched them return to their contact lenses, when they thought they never could.

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At Sobel Eyecare our mission is to provide you with the most friendly, professional, and individualized eye care possible. We know what separates a great health care experience from an ordinary one… it’s the personal, caring touch of the eye doctor, together with the dedicated office staff, servicing you with state of the art products and eye care instruments.

Open on Sundays

Eye Emergencies at Sobel Eyecare

Open for Eye Emergencies & Urgent Eye Care. Walk-Ins welcome for eye infections, eye pain, and eye injuries.

Diabetic Eye Disease

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What To Do For Urgent Care

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Looking for bifocal contacts?

We recommend Air Optix Aqua Multifocals

Our Latest Arrival

bausch_lomb_ultra_multifocalBausch and Lomb Ultra Bifocal Contact Lens 3-Zone Progressive Design provides clear vision up close, far away, and in between.

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Quality Eye Care from Our Eye Doctor serving Southfield, MI

Sobel Eyecare serves patients from northern Detroit, including Southfield, Oak Park, Beverly Hills, Birmingham, Lathrup Village and surrounding areas.

Schedule your next eye exam and see the difference that Sobel Eye Care can make for you and your family’s vision needs.

Because we provide both medical and routine eye exams and eye care, we accept a number of vision insurance plans and health insurance plans to help cover the cost depending on your individual needs.

Here are some of the plans that we accept:

  • Aetna Medical & Vision
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Cigna Medical and Vision
  • EyeMed
  • Heritage Vision Plan
  • MECA
  • Medicare
  • Met Life Vision
  • NVA
  • United Health Medical (Not accepting United Health Vision)
  • VSP

Medical Highlight: Keratoconus - What Is It and How Is it Treated?

“Keratoconus” is an eye condition involving the cornea, the clear window at the front of the eye, thinning and warping into a cone-like bulge. When the cornea becomes more conical in shape, this creates blurred and distorted vision, increased sensitivity to light, glare and mild eye irritation.

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Q&A with Dr. S

Dr. Sobel Answers Your Eyecare Questions

I have keratoconus and have blurry vision with my gas permeable lenses. Do I have to put up with poor vision or is there something new that can help?

You don’t have to live with poor vision. We fit a new type of lens for keratoconus which feels like a soft lens and gives virtually 20/20 vision for nearly everyone.

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